Effects Of Logistics Management On Performance Of The Companies: A Case Study Of Germany

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Naveed Ahmed khan, Adil Hussain, Shiza Shahid, Syeda Muniba Ali , Nasir Sattar


This study outlines the importance of warehouse management and inventory management in every business or organization’s success and operational performance.  Germany is a global leader in logistics with its excellent infrastructure, and the World Bank rated Germany #1 three times in a row in logistics. Hence the descriptive analysis was made by taking the eight operating companies of Germany. The data was collected through a questionnaire emphasizing logistics management and its connection with cost reduction, increased efficiency and outcomes with improved market competitiveness. The study aims to acquire fresh insights into German businesses' logistics management and highlight the long-term implications of adopting suitable management techniques. This research's practical aim is to make the results accessible to domestic businesses to help improve their operations and, if necessary, build a logistics based system. The study's findings reveal that effective storage management and control may help save money on storage expenses. The placement of primary and auxiliary storage helps companies to avoid "idle time," and stock control storage helps them to prevent the possibility of losing product lifetime and incurring extra expenses due to poor storage. Moreover, the study results concluded that logistics management positively impacts the companies or businesses' performance, and it plays a vital role in increasing the efficiency of any business's operations.

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