A Novel Fast Re-Routing Mechanism for Improvement of QoS in Data Transmission of Multimedia Applications Using P2P Network

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Reddemma Yaga, Dr. CH.D.V. Subba Rao


The Peer-to-Peer(P2P) network have tremendous changes in the multimedia applications. The novel technologies and standards increase the use of multimedia applications. The ubiquitous nature of multimedia services in P2P networks requires the integration of different features to improve the QoS of multimedia applications. The traditional wireless network services is unable to guarantee the multimedia user requirements.  To address the limitations of traditional approaches, Michael Brinkmeier et al,. introduced an analytical model to overcome the stability of overlay streaming topology . This model also denied the denial of service attacks in P2P networks. Even though, the analytical model works effectively and improved the performance of multicast wireless networks. But the model does not optimize performance of the P2P network for multimedia transmission. To optimize the network performance in multimedia distribution proposed DoS Resilient - Optimal P2P Topology Construction (DR-OPTC) Framework in previous research work. This framework construct optimal topologies for multimedia transmission. But the DR-OPTC Framework only focus on topology constructions and still the unable resolve node or link failure occur in the P2P networks. The node or link failure leads to degrade network performance. Presently the multimedia data transmission affected by node or link failure and dos attacks in network.  To overcome the problem of present network, in this research paper proposed a Novel Fast Re-Routing(NFRR) mechanism for optimal multimedia transmission. The proposed mechanism maintains the secure path for data transmission.

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