Overgeneralization of the Preparatory Stage Pupils

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Khadija Hadi Kadhem , Asst.Prof. Asmaa A. Muhamad, Ph.D


The research aims to identify the overgeneralization of the preparatory school students and find out the differences between the overgeneralization according to the (sex, branch) variables. The research sample consisted of (381) male and female students; they were selected by the random stratified sampling method. The researchers have constructed the overgeneralization scale of three fields: central beliefs, middle beliefs, and automatic thoughts, and then ascertained its psychometric characteristics validity and reliability. Next, they used several statistical tools to analyze the data. The results show that the preparatory school students have overgeneralization, and there are significant differences according to the sex (male, female) and branch of study (scientific and humanities) variables. Accordingly, several recommendations and suggestions have been put forward.

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