The Effect Of Pesticides On Antioxidant Ferment Activity And Perecisyl Oxidation Of Lipids In Flourishing Periods

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Nematova M., Mirkhamidova P, Tuychiyeva D., Jurakulov G., Nomonjonov M.


The article examines the effect of pesticides Karate zeon and Karache super on the activity of antioxidant enzymes - catalase and peroxidase in the grass cell during the germination of wheat, as well as on the peroxide oxidation of lipids. The results showed that peroxidase enzyme activity increased under the influence of karache and karate pesticides during the germination period of the wheat plant studied during germination, and the amount and activity of catalase enzyme decreased during 7-10 days of growth. since then, this figure has been observed to increase. The studied pesticides Karache super and Karate zeon influenced the process of peroxidation of lipids in wheat germ cells, while the increased activity of the enzymes peroxidase and catalase showed a decrease in this process.

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