Link Recovery & Energy Efficient Based Routing for MANET

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Darwin Nesakumar A, A. Swetha Reddy, K.S. Swetha, S. Vishnupriya, P.Mugilan


MANET in Wireless links may be broken regularly due to and power failures and nodal mobility. Such complication produces routing protocols, such as AODV, inefficient and undependable. Currently, these issues are resolved in a middle node by using local repairing mechanisms by generating a different route to the target. But it enlarges routing overhead and unnecessarily absorbs MANET resources. Furthermore, if there are no survey on the selection of nodes while generating a different route, there is a probability that a malicious node which may take its position in the path. In this paper, we suggest a technique which does a rapid local recovery from the link failures and also avoids misbehaving nodes to move slowly in the path. The merged technique increases performance and also consumes small energy of nodes in MANET. Execution analysis and simulation outcome manifest that our suggested technique attains outstanding performance development over already available AODV-based methods.

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