English Contextualization Through Lexical And Syntactical Devices And Rhetorical Patterns

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Perlita B. Loverita


This paper is part of a dissertation that provides an in-depth analysis of the texts written by NVM Gonzales which crystallize the indigenized creative processes of the writer. It specifically looked into how the writer contextualized English through the use of lexical and syntactic devices and rhetorical patterns reviewing his thirty short stories. The paper has proven that nativization devices are not only identifiable and recognizable but also a silhouette of creative potential and adaptability of a living language essential in conveying a message. The stories of NVM Gonzales are rich in borrowings which facilitate understanding pictured by the vivid images created by the nativization devices. This becomes a response to the communicative needs of language-in-contact users such as articulating certain nuances of meaning for which there are no equivalents in the second language. Challenge is on the use of Philippine English in the development of basic reading materials considering the dearth of literary materials which when given primordial attention may foster interest in reading among learners.

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