Morphological And Some Functional Changes In Animals At Poisoning With Mouthroom

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S.A. Begmanov, Z.S. Shakhobutdinov, G.A. Khakimova


"The plant flora of the republics of Central Asia is rich and diverse. It is known that about 8000 species of various plants grow on the territory of Uzbekistan alone. Botanical study, systematization of these plants, taking into account ecological characteristics, study of chemical substances contained in various parts of plants and their changes in connection with Thus, as a result of the research carried out under the guidance of a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation Yu. found alkaloids and from them isolated I181.

A team of chemists led by Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the Academy of Sciences of the RUA S. Sadykov, having studied about 3,000 plant species, identified 300 plants among them, which also contain alkaloids and have various properties. 

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