Emotions and Its Effect on the Performance of Employees in the Job Position as Software Developers, It Support Engineers, Testing and Maintenance Officers

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Dr Shripria V, Dr Srividya V, Kanishga.I


Employee performance is main focus of growth, development and success of any organisation. There are other factors that that affect employee performance like working hours, Job itself, working conditions. But emotions are the most important element that contributes to the performance of employees. There are various research studies that show regulation of emotions can contribute to better performance at work. Improvement of the employees’ performance increases the overall organizational growth that results in better profit as it is the important priority of most organizations. The research is focusing to study the effect of emotions over the actual performance of employees in the job position of software developers, IT support engineers, testing and maintenance officers. Five emotions that are positive (happy, excited, enthusiasm, proud and inspired) and five emotions that are negative like (anger, sad, fear, shame and anxiety) are chosen for the study. This paper also focuses on studying if regulation of emotions can improve the performance of the employees. The data is collected through a survey method, using the descriptive research design. Various descriptive analysis is carried out and the results show that positive emotions have an effect and can increase the performance of the employees. While negative emotions and regulation of emotions have only a minor effect on performance.


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