Metaphoric Perceptions of Pre-service Teachers about the Concepts of “School Principal” and “Education System”

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Ceyhun Kavrayıcı


The aim of the study was to determine the pre-service teachers' metaphoric perceptions about
school principal and education system. The research was a metaphor study designed on the
basis of qualitative research paradigm. Metaphors are an important tool in revealing specific
characteristics of a situation or an object. The particiapants of the research consisted of 97 preservice
techers studying at Anadolu University in the 2018-2019 academic year. The criterion
sampling method was used to determine participants in the study. The criterion in determining
the participants was that pre-service teachers had completed the Turkish Education System and
School Management course and had experienced the teaching practice courses. In this context,
data collection forms were distributed to 115 pre-service teachers who met the criteria.
However, 18 forms that did not include metaphor sources were excluded from the analyzing
process. Hence, perceptions of 97 participants related to the concept of “school principal” and
perceptions of 92 participants on the concpt of “education system” were analyzed. The data in
the study were collected using the metaphor form prepared by the researcher. Reliability
percentage was calculated in the scope of Miles and Huberman (1994) formula of coding
relability. According to the findings, it can be stated that the perceptions of pre-service teachers
related to the school principal and the education system were gathered in 9 categories.

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