Physıcal-Chemıcal and Texture Characterıstıcs of Coate-Fe-Ni-ZrO2 / YuKS + Fe3O4 + d- FeOON

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Ortiqov Nurbek Rustamovich, Kuybokarov Oybek Ergashovich, Khidirova Yulduz Khujanazarovna, Khamidov Davron Ruzimurodovich, Fayzullaev Normurod Ibodullaevich



The article examines the physicochemical and texture characteristics of the catalyst containing Co-Fe-Ni-ZrO2/ЮКЦ+ Fе3О4 + δ- FeООН, used in the synthesis of high-molecular hydrocarbons from synthesis gas.  As can be seen from the IR spectra, during the preparation of the catalyst, iron nitrate is decomposed in paraffin and polymer media to form iron oxide, which is confirmed by the presence of an accelerated broad line in the 605-620 см-1  region specific to Fe = O, in which case 1100 there is no anion nitrate line within см-1. Paraffin oxidation may occur during catalyst formation, as evidenced by the formation of new lines in the range of 1717 см-1  (Vc = o) and 900-1060 см-1  (Vc-o), but the intensity of these lines is not high.

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