Training human resources in the public sector meets the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution in Vietnam

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Ngo Sy Trung,Tran Thi Mai, Le Son Tung


Public sector human resources' activities are dominated by political and legal factors since their performance of public duties are aimed at serving the State's political goals, and best meeting the people's legitimate requirements. Therefore, to rationally plan and organize the implementation of human resource policies in the public sector, including training ones, managers need to rely on the characteristics of the public sector. In addition, they need to pay much attention to the changing trends of society, especially to profound changes in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (industry 4.0). In this study, the author focuses on analyzing the issues of human resource training in the public sector meeting the requirements of the 4.0 revolution in Vietnam. Using a qualitative method to collect secondary documents, the author clarifies several contents such as Characteristics of the public sector and its human resources, requirements of the 4.0 revolution for them, and some issues raised for training them in Vietnam in the context of the 4.0 revolution.

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