Festival Management Practices of Selected Municipalities in the Province of Leyte

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Leah S. Tınga, Jeff Verlıt D. Arcıpe


Festivals celebrated annually by municipalities. It is a way of celebrating glorious heritage, culture and traditions. It also plays an important role in boosting the local tourism of the place. It is said that when tourism thrives, employment opportunities were created. Thus, festival helps the local economy of the municipality.  The study aims to improve the festival management practices of selected municipalities in the Province of Leyte in the areas of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. It also looked into the significant difference in the assessment of the respondents when grouped according to sectoral affiliation and geographical location and the significant relationship between the profile of the respondents and the extent of practice of festival management. The respondents of the study were coming from the LGU, Parish Pastoral Council, Technical Working Group and the businessmen. Based on the result of the study, it is found out that the management of festivals in the selected municipalities in the Province of Leyte needs to be modified. Results have shown that areas in planning, organizing and controlling got lower factor average which means that these areas needs improvement. It was also found out during the data gathering that not all sectors of the society were fully represented when festival management is concerned.  Another concern that cropped up was that it appeared that the festival is not sustainable because there is no local ordinance instituting the present festival as the official festival of the municipality.

With those results, the researcher recommends that LGU officials will review the proposals outlined in this study to enhance further and strengthen the existing festival management practices of the area. It is also wise if all sectors of the society are well represented in order to get the best people that will manage the festival. Lastly, the SB Council should craft an ordinance to make the festival sustainable. It is the desire of the researcher to help the festival organizers enhance the festival in their places. If all of her recommendations will be considered, the festival will get the fame it deserves. Along the fame of the festival, comes the positive impacts it brings to the community.

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