A proposed Framework for Activating the Role of Scientific Research Laboratories in Activating Strategic Leadership in Algerian Universities

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Dr. Samia FEKIR, Prof. Dr. Billal CHIKHI


The study aims to develop a proposed framework to activate the role of scientific research laboratories in activating strategic leadership in Algerian universities. To achieve the goal of the study, the descriptive analytical approach was adopted through the use of the questionnaire as a source for collecting data and information about the study variables, and distributing it to the study sample consisting of members of scientific research laboratories (laboratories heads - heads of research teams - faculty members - graduate students). Then the data was processed and analyzed statistically to test hypotheses and reach results with regard to describing the reality of scientific research laboratories in Algerian universities from the perspective of practicing strategic leadership, and the reality of the availability of the necessary requirements to activate strategic leadership in these laboratories. And then the results were analyzed, in the light of which a proposed framework was developed to activate the role of scientific research laboratories in activating strategic leadership. The study concluded that the lack of administrative, material and technical requirements for scientific research laboratories had an impact on the weakness of practicing the dimensions of strategic leadership. The study recommended the need to focus on quality and not quantity, so that the large number of research laboratories that burden the balance sheet must be eliminated and effective laboratories that provide an added value for scientific research and economic development and provide them with the necessary requirements.

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