A Survey on Carrier Frequency Offset and Inter Carrier Interference Cancellation in MIMO OFDM Systems

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Sailakshmi Kumari, Dr. P Kavi Priya


In recent days most important communication scheme is multiple input and multiple output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) with a multi carrier modulation (MCM). There is a high reliable rate of data transmission when MIMO is combined with OFDM in broadband wireless channels.The Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO) effect is believed to make OFDM-based systems sensitive to mistakes caused by frequency mismatch which leads to inter carrier interference (ICI). The frequencies inconsistency of the local oscillators is the major cause of ICI near transmitting and the receiving end. Many methods and algorithms are developed for reducing the CFO effect and also for estimating and correction of CFO. One more issue in MIMO-OFDM systems is ICI that occurs due to the mismatch in the orthogonality function among the sub-carriers used for transmission of signal and the signal that is transmitted.

In this work we investigate numerous strategies which have been examined for calculation of CFO and ICI cancellation. ICI self-cancellation is one of the most effective and efficient reduction strategies to minimise the ICI influence in the signal. The cause for the formation of the CFO and its impacts are demonstrated, and the system's performance is investigated. The key CFO estimation and correction algorithms and methodologies are examined and discussed.

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