A Study on Occupational Stress among Women Employees in IT Sector in

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Faiza Fathima, Dr. K. Sreekanth


In recent times, the educational and social status of women has witnessed rapid transformation across the country. The increased rates of socio-economic growth and modernization has brought about tremendous changes in the work profile of women as well. Indian women of all social classes have entered a variety of professions keeping them busy for livelihood and productivity purposes, thereby potentially causing stress in both their personal and professional lives. Women's access to educational opportunities in Engineering and IT education is far greater than it was a few years ago, particularly in cities.

                 This study identifies socio-economic stressors, psychological stressors, and family and relationship stressors that cause stress among working women in general and among working women, exclusively from IT Sector. The coping mechanisms analyzed thereof. The stratified random sampling technique was used to select a sample of 100 respondents. Structural Equation Model was created using statistical tools such as factor analysis and regression co-efficient. The study's findings show that sudden visits of relatives, followed by a lack of domestic servant maid cause major stress among working women under socioeconomic stressors. Similarly, being a perfectionist with unnecessary worries causes psychological distress in working women. Furthermore, anxiety about the children's future and the husband's job insecurity play a significant role in causing stress in the family and relationship.To live a stress-free life, working women must practice stress-management strategies such as meditation and a well-balanced diet with good entertainment and fun.

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