Smart Car with IoT enabled Remote Driving Assistance

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E. Seethalakshmi, S. Surya, G. Jeyalakshmi, B. Hemalatha, S. Vinoth Kumar, K. Praveen


The main aim of this work is to make use of Internet of Thing Technology and eases the task of the driver who drives the car especially when drives for the long distance, the idea is to transfer the control of the running vehicle to some remote drive assistance base station and the driver at the base station drives the car whose control had been transferred to the base station. The driver at the remote base station can do all the things that the driver inside the car can do. All the controls sent from the base station are converted at applied at the car and the intended action is performed, Visual information from the car is sent to the base station through the camera installed at the front and rear side of the car. Which gives the wide angle coverage, Sensors, Processing unit, actuator and IoT gate constitute the entire system, the major challenge is the latency since all the information sent are critical signals, they must reach the destination with in due time.

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