Effects of Vocabulary Retention and Foreign Language Learning Effectiveness of Non-Language Major Students: A study in Hanoi city, Vietnam

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Phuong Huu Tung, Pham Dinh Kien, Nguyen Van Tri


This study explores the practice of mindfulness meditation as a measure to adjust the relationship between vocabulary retention and foreign language learning effectiveness of students in Vietnam. It was carried out through a cross-sectional survey using intentional sampling technique (n = 200). Multivariate linear regression and moderator regression were also applied to prove the hypotheses. Research results demonstrate that there is a positive and meaningful relationship between mindfulness meditation practice, vocabulary retention and students' foreign language learning performance. In particular, the practice of mindfulness meditation acts as a moderating variable between the level of vocabulary retention and the foreign language learning efficiency of non-language major students in Hanoi, Vietnam. policy implications to improve their foreign language learning effectiveness.

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