Advertency and Suitability of the CSU Vision - Mission and College of Allied Health Sciences Goals and Objectives

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Ferdinand L. Guiquing,


The vision, mission, goals, and objectives of an educational institution serve as the guiding principles for the institution. The success of an institution is dependent on the unity of people's views and interests, which must be present both physically and philosophically in order for it to be successful. The values held by the individuals in the institution have an impact on their perspective of the world. They must work together to reconcile divergent viewpoints, identify common ground, and develop a unified vision and objective for the organization. Cagayan State University's vision and mission, as well as the goals and objectives of the College of Allied Health Sciences' bachelor's degree programs in medical laboratory science, respiratory therapy, and public health, were investigated in this study to determine the level of awareness of and acceptance among employees, students, and alumni, as well as members of the local community.

General conclusions were reached that all three groups of respondents were well aware of and strongly agreed with the vision of Cagayan State University, the goals of the College of Allied Health Sciences, and the objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science, Master of Science in Respiratory Therapy, and Master of Science in Public Health programs.

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