Study Of Dvd Player Components For Developing Cost-Effective Confocal Microscope

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Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, Archana Verma


Confocal microscopes can provide depth-based imaging which can be useful in detecting skin cancers in early stages. However, confocal microscopes are very costly and are not easily available. To solve this problem, a study on the optical and electrical components of discarded DVD players have been done to prove their usability in a miniature, and cost-effective scanning confocal microscope. The Optical pickup of DVD players is studied to be used as the light source and detector for the microscope. A single mode fiber is used to carry the laser light from the source to the sample and back. The single mode fiber also works as a pinhole, satisfying the confocal condition of the microscope. Electrical components of DVD players have been used for developing a scanner stage. Several experiments have been performed which prove the workability of the setup.

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