Undesired Behaviors of School Principals and the Effects of These Behaviors on Teachers

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Ender Kazak, Suzan Çiner


In this research, it was aimed to determine the undesired behaviors of school principals and to identify the
effects of these behaviors on teachers. This research study was designed in qualitative research design. Study
group was consisted of the teachers working in primary, secondary, and high schools in Düzce city center,
in the academic year of 2019-2020. The data was gathered through semi-structured interviews, and the
interviews were conducted via video calls due to the pandemic effective in Turkey and world-wide. It has
been analyzed with descriptive analysis method that the data collected from fourteen teachers with the
maximum variation sampling method. The teachers were asked questions about the undesired behaviors of
school principals, the effects of these behaviors, and their opinions about how to prevent these behaviors.
According to the results of the research, some topics becomes prominent such concepts as administrative
skills, unqualified administratorship, psychological violence at workplace, disequilibrium and inequality.
The most emphasized negative personal characteristics are discriminatory behaviours, ride roughshod over
and behave egoistically. Teachers verbalized that the school principals are lack of deficiency in
administrative skills and due to their negative personal characteristics; teachers have difficulty such as loss
of motivation, downheartedness, explode with anger. Regarding the organizational effects of unwanted
behaviors of school principals, loyalty to the institution, loss of trust, lack of belonging, not being able to
focus on jobs, being productive and cynicism have come to the fore.

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