Attempt to Suicide: An Offence or Considering as a Solution of all Problem

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Dr. Jayshree Khandare, Kanika Grover


Suicidal-Behavior problems are a growing public health concern. An overview is provided on how widespread Suicidal-Behavior problems globally. This crisis created by mass- scale misemployment and loss of income, financial, distress isolation, loss of liberty, fears of infection and death and concern regarding social isolation, etc, has further strengthened the grip of anxiety, depression, stress on people’s well being in India and this is  happen because of Lockdown. The closure of the area creates unprecedented changes in people's lives. According to the 'Rebooting 2020: A Story of COVID-19, and Shifting Perceptions' survey conducted by Mavericks India, sixty-one percent of Indians experienced mental health problems during the closure period. This situation is not even considered for the intervention we are seeking.

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