Arthropods – Intermediate Hosts of Filariat of The Fauna of Warm-Blooded Animals of Uzbekistan

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Saparov K.A., Dadayev S.D.


This article involves original data on experimental studies of the life cycles of representatives of oviparous and viviparous filariats at various stages of ontogenesis, the composition of their intermediate and final hosts of the fauna of warm-blooded animals in Uzbekistan. The ecological connections in the system “definitive host – intermediate host – filaria”, as well as the ways of their circulation in various conditions of Uzbekistan were clarified. As intermediate hosts of filariae parasitizing in warm-blooded animals of Uzbekistan, we registered representatives of arthropods belonging mainly to the families: flies – Muscidae, mosquitoes – Culicidae, midges – Simulidae and wood lice – Ceratopogonidae.

Analysis of the results of our own research and literature allows us to consider the general trend in the evolution of the life cycles of modern filariat.

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