Online Education Impact and Importance during COVID-19 with Reference to Rural India

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Shaikh Tarnnum Rahimoddin, Dr. Reena (Mahapatra) Lenka, Dr. Sayyad Mahejabin Dildar, Dr. Shalu, Ramesh Chandra Panda


                On March 26, 2020 Indian Government announced a state of pandemic emergency, which resulted in the adjournment of off-line learning in schools, colleges and universities. All the educational institutions were required to take complete e-learning. Therefore, students and teachers are proactively adopting e-learning methods. We can never imagine that we will come across such a situation. Taking online education is somehow difficult for students who live in rural India. The effect of pandemic COVID-19 is seen in each area all throughout the planet. It has implemented the overall lock down making exceptionally terrible impact on the education. Indian education system has been battling to endure the emergencies with an alternate methodology and digitizing the difficulties to wash away the danger of the pandemic. In this particular paper we will discuss the present condition of online education in rural India. This study particularly highlights the impact and importance of COVID-19 in rural India.

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