A Discourse On Cyber Hygiene For Children In Kerala

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Jobin Sebastian , Dr. P. Sakthivel


The eruption of Cybercrimes in the recent past posed serious threats and challenges to government and other stakeholders in a significant way.  Children are usually vulnerable to cybercrimes. Cybercrimes against children are increasing at an alarming level day by day, especially amidst pandemic Covid 19.  The situation has compelled the people to work from home and the chances of cybercrimes have become an inevitable factor. The cybercrimes such as online grooming, child pornography, unwanted solicitation, harassment and bullying and unwanted exposure to sexually explicit material, etc. are happening in cyberspace, despite numerous laws to regulate such menace.  It is important to note here that, the government, police departments and intelligence units have already started to take necessary initiatives to guard the children from the menace of cybercrimes. This study presents various cybercrimes that occurred against children in Kerala, preventive actions taken by the Kerala government to guard the rights of children in cyberspace and suggest cyber hygiene as a remedial measure to combat cybercrimes against children. Further, it tries to suggest some initiatives for making awareness to parents, guardian and children regarding the menace of cybercrimes.

To prevent cybercrimes against children, the Kerala government has adopted proactive measures such as various awareness programmes, online portals, operations etc. The various preventive measures and awareness programmes should be updated accordingly to have child-friendly cyberspace of cyber hygiene for women and children.

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