A Selection of Affected Parameters of AGILE Methodology using Analytical Hierarchical Process

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Ms. Sangeeta Mishra , Dr. M. Akheela Khanum


Requirements engineering (RE) is considerably different in agile development than in more traditional development processes. Agile software development has large success rate due to its benefits and promising nature but natively where the size of the project is small. Effective Agile adoption increase overall productivity and quality of software but the complexity of software projects and multidisciplinary nature of requirements engineering (RE) makes the agile implementation a cumbersome process. Though agile provides values to customer’s business needs, changing requirement, and interaction, also we have to face impediments in agile, many of which are related to requirement challenges.This article aims to find out the characteristics being faced during requirement engineering of agile projects. We conduct a quantification of AHP based priotrization of agile characteristicswith specific value of the included studies.

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