The Evolution of Corporate Governance and Its Impact on Contemporary Management

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P. Shafiz Shahrani, Radzali Hassan, Louis Adaikalam


Corporate governance is of great interest to companies and organizations at the regional and international levels, especially after the current economic crises that have led to a crisis of confidence in economic information. Hence, governance has become a fertile field for research and study. And the modern management represented in the economy and accounting to take advantage of its advantages and avoid its disadvantages, as the research helps in eliminating conflict and achieving harmony and balance between all the company’s departments, in addition to tightening control over the company’s management to prevent it from abusing its powers and providing transparency by using internal and external governance mechanisms. The research selects and analyses relevant scientific research to provide proposals that are compatible with the nature of the company, making it implement governance mechanisms. The research also found a close and positive correlation between governance mechanisms and the level of quality in the company's various departments.

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