Analysis on Mechanical behaviour of Hybrid Aluminium metal matrix composite material using Rice husk ash and Iron ore tailing Rishi Dewangan a, Pankaj kumar pandeyb* , Rajeev Dohare

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Rishi Dewangan , Pankaj kumar pandey , Rajeev Dohare


Aluminium metal matrix composites are mostly consume in technological and innovative  field .In this research work , Hybrid Aluminium metal matrix composite were developed by using Rice husk ash (RHA ) with Iron Ore tailing (IOT) as reinforced element through stir casting process. RHA and IOT used as reinforcement by varying weight percentage of 5 to 15 wt% and its mechanical behaviour like density , porosity , harness , tensile and compressive properties  was examined. From the mechanical test result, it is found tensile strength, hardness and compressive strength value increased and tensile strain and density value decreases with increasing amount of reinforcement. Tensile strength value increased by minimum 50 % to maximum 100% and hardness value also increased by up to 43% compare with unreinforced aluminium composite. porosity of composite material vary from 1.92 % to 4% which is acceptable to develop dense composite material. Therefore combination of bio waste (RHA) and industrial waste (IOT) serve great promise to replace conventional ceramic materials as reinforcement for improvement of cost effective metal composite material by utilizing waste material as wealth.

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