Robust Video Authentication Mechanism Based On Statistical Local Feature

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Mr. Avinash Wadhe, Dr. Prof. Asha Ambhaikar


Advances in technology have made it easier to edit videos today, making it harder to maintain the reliability of video information. Videos can be created using many digital devices and such videos can be broadcast on any channel through high-speed internet. Video captured from CCTV can be used as evidence but must first be protected from tampering. Video authentication can be done using watermarking and digital signatures but this technique is used for copyright. It is difficult to monitor videos and authenticate videos captured by the user's cameras. In this study, we will develop a strong technique based on video local information for video authentication that can be used in real applications. The proposed technique processes the dataset of videos captured by the user's cameras using the statistical local information of the video. The results of the proposed technique show that the proposed technique for video authentication is reliable, faster and less expensive than other techniques

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