Violation of Human Rights in Exercise of Ffective Rule of Law, Enforcement, Act and Policies: A Criminological Analysiswith Reference to Pakistan

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Waseem Ahmed Kayani, Dr. Naima Saeed


This article is about violation of human rights that facts effective rule of law enforcement act and policies. Pakistan is a moderate nation with profoundly dug in customary qualities. It is additionally a nation confronting various difficulties. Human rights are widespread good laws of a major sort, having a place with any person in its relations with the state. Writing regards state as a primary defender of common freedoms and simultaneously as a principal violator. Our investigation offers helps for the theory that the more grounded the express, the better state of basic freedoms. Solid state can ensure its residents, while frail states need ability to give security. The theory thinks about whether, and how much, the Pakistan government has had the option to grasp the difficulties for common freedoms. While the field work demonstrates that the degree of utilization of every guideline of the fluctuates, These, the investigation contends, are to a great extent identified with the difficulties of actualizing a common liberties-based way to deal with improvement in a post-clash nation like Pakistan with a profoundly moderate society. I am focusing on explicit nation in Pakistan, circumstance, and issue with its genuine setting. I concluded that the most reasonable technique for my examination would be subjective strategy

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