The Empirical Study of Factors Affecting Nutrition Label Use towards Consumption Intention of Health Food Product in Malaysia

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Norhidayah Azman, Albattat, Ahmad, Jacquline Tham


Unhealthy dietary habits have been attributed to the risks of several chronic diseases all over the world, including Malaysia. Nutritional label use is one of the factors that can influence the consumption of healthy food product. This paper will highlight that factors that can contribute the intention to use nutritional label. Moreover, previous review of literatures in this paper also will reveals that many empirical researches on nutritional label has mix finding regarding the positive and negative impact toward consumption of healthy food product. Nonetheless, this paper also highlighted the determinacies factor the reason why consumer is not using the nutritional label overthought they are aware the important of the use. In addition, this paper also rationalises relevant issue for future research undertaking.

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