Investigate the Design Variables of Piston and Optimize the Piston Design for IC engine

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Sumit Khatri, Ruchika Saini, Samant Raghuwanshi


The main purpose of this research project is to investigate and analyze the distribution of piston energy in a real engine. Engine pistons are one of the most complex parts among all parts of the automotive or other industrial field.Different design of piston heads such as Deep cylindrical piston head (D1), Shallow re-entrant piston head (D2), Hemispherical existing piston head (D3), Various alloys such as Alcoa alloy (M1), Nimonic alloy (M2), Stainless Steel Grade 201L (M3) have been used in current research. Several tests were performed on a model designed with cover materials such as Alumina (C1), Magnesia (C2), Titanium (C3). Injuries have different origins and are closely related to aging, temperature, and fatigue. Between fatigue, heat exhaustion and mechanical fatigue, whether indoors or at high temperatures, play a prominent role. In the current operation, the piston is built using the CATIA V5R20 software. The complete design is installed in ANSYS 18.0 software and combination of 9 piston models are from MINITAB SOFTWARE  and analysis is performed.

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