Post-Covid Hr Practices And Economic Crisis Results To Unemployment

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Mr. Ashwin Pande , Dr. J.Bhavani


This study gives information on the effect of COVID 19 on Human Resource & employment in India. It also explains about the effect of lockdown on Human Resource i.e. on jobs in different sectors like IT Company’s, Production Industry, and Hotel Industry, etc. This study gives new adaptation in HR (Human Resource) department working styles to attain the organizational goal. As In the COVID scenario new style of working is develop i.e. Work from Home. In this remote working style, HR department has to adopt such practices so that will increases the productivity of the employee.     

This research paper explains about long-term effect of the corona virus i.e. COVID 19 on the Economy and Employment in India. At beginning of the year, 2020 coronavirus attract on china. This results in a fall down of the Chinese economy and many people lose their jobs. Human resource is seriously affected by economic crisis occur due to coronavirus. Within a one or two month, this virus spread in almost all country and which directly affect the world economy. The major effect of COVID is found on the counties like US, UK, India, Pakistan, Germany, Spain, etc.   

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