A Thematic Review of Existing Literature on Persons with Disabilities:Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges

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Afzal Khan Buledi, Dr. Rashida Qureshi, Dr. Naheed Malbari


Background: The present study offers a qualitativereview of existing literature, elucidating the experiences, opportunities, and challenges that face the ‘persons with disabilities (PwDs).

Methods: A thematic review was conducted to assess the benefits and challenges of persons with disabilities all around the world. Multiple online international databases were retrieved.A wide range of keywords was thoroughly surfedon search enginesto identify relevant research studies. With the application of inclusion-exclusion yardstick, 72 peer-reviewed studies wereelected, with a timeframe from 2015 to 2021.

Findings:Subsequently, the secondary data was analyzed meticulously, resulting in several themes,e.g., accessibility, delivery of services, the attitude of people towards disability, social participation, assistive technological aids, multiple coping strategies, rehabilitation interventions, and social support. The research findings have congenial implications for health care professionals, rehabilitation personnel, and policy-makers.

Conclusion:The study suggests an inclusive strategy, consisting of social, political,economic, and religious measures at micro as well as macro levels to mainstream persons with disabilities.More rigorous research is needed to grasp the physiological, psychological, and social complexity of problems that besets persons with disabilities. 

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