Relationship Between Teachers’ Perceptions About Secondary Level English Curriculum and their Performance

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Dr. Sajid Mahmood Sajid, Dr. Nazma Bibi, Dr. Musarrat Habib,


English language is a pictogram of supremacy and has elevated communal status, so the case with the English curriculum at the secondary level. Along with significant value, the English curriculum demands the worth of performance from the students. Therefore, the study was designed to explore the secondary level English teachers’ perceptions about the 9th grade English curriculum and its relationship with their performance. The purpose of the study was to explore the degree of English teachers’ perceptions per their performance. The data was collected through a survey questionnaire. The sample was taken from three districts in the province of Punjab in Pakistan according to their representative location. The survey study was correlational in its nature. Pearson r was computed by employing SPSS to examine the correlation between teachers’ perceptions and their performance. No significant relationship was found between teachers’ perceptions about secondary-level English curriculum and their performance.

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