“Conceptual Study of Malashay with Special Reference to Rectum’’

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Dr. Soniya M. Dahat, Dr. Nitin S. Chandurkar, Dr. Pavan R. Gulhane, Dr. Rupali R. Bawa, Dr. Amar S. Kamble, Dr. Leena G. Jungade


In Ayurveda, Rachana Sharir is the branch of science where detailed study of human body & description of structure studied, there are many concepts explained by Acharyas, the one of them is Ashaya. Ashaya are considered as Ashayo Adhisthanam. Ashaya means hollow space in the particular structure in our body or viscera, having capacity to provide accommodation to the important constituent of the body like Dosh, Dhatu, Anna, Mala, Mutra, Garbha etc. & they named accordingly as vatashaya , pittashay, shleshmashaya, Aamashya , Pakwashaya, Mutrashaya, Garbhashaya . Acharya Sushrut, Vagbhat & other Acharya considered pakwashaya as the sthan of pakwa anna; where mala is remain with pakwa anna. So they do not explain separate ashaya for mala. But Acharya sharangadhar consider the ashaya for mala & they named it as malashaya. The third member of the trinity of the living body is Mala. The faeces (stool) / Puish is the part of mala which is alsoknown as "vit". Here in this study the Mala is considered as the undigested residue left over after the nutrient fraction of the food which has been separated and absorbed. After complete conversion into mala the malashaya is the place where mala is reside until it is not defecated out & that place can be studied with the help of anatomy and physiology literature. Hence the present study can be used in understanding exact adhishthan of mala, which is beneficial for knowing the root cause or pathogenesis of any diseases or vyadhi with reference to rectum and treat them accordingly.

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