Ethnic Movements: A Study of the Autonomy Movement of the Misings in Assam

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Pritam Jyoti Pegu


Assam is a state with different ethnic groups which are known for their distinct identity and colourful culture. If we look after the Independence then we find that in the nation building process the Indian state framed policies which aims at homogenization and integration based on a dominant language. Such policies by the state opened up doors for ethnic communities to assert their identity. The Mising autonomy movement is one such example in which the Mising tribe demanded for the autonomy of their community. The implementation of the Assam Official Language Act of 1960 and various other reasons augmented the struggle for autonomy. After struggling for many years, the Mising Autonomous Council was established in 2005 fulfilling the demand and expectations of the Mising people. However, the movement did not end there and sporadic movements have been going on for various other reasons. This paper is an attempt to study the autonomy movement and the creation of the Mising Autonomous Council and the recent developments thereafter.

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