The Importance of Science and Technology in Islam

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Noor Ahmad Muzammil, Nasratullah Ahmadzai, Nida Mohammad Seddiqi


 Islam encouraged humans with its golden rays to study science and technology as well as other worldly and otherworldly benefits. On the one hand,  the role of science and technology in the implementation of the daily life and religious affairs of the contemporary Islamic society has increased recently, on the other hand, the loss of the necessary motivation and enthusiasm for learning science and technology at the public level, and availability of sensitivity to science and technology under the pretext of applying and adhering to Islam at the special level are the problems that have turned the Islamic nation into a land Fertile for poverty, war and division. The purpose of this study is to create a strong motivation in the Ummah towards the study of science and technology in the light of Islamic teachings, and that its teaching is not in conflict with Islam but is sufficient to fulfill the obligation of Islam. This is a thematic study conducted in a library method and the relevant material is collected and analyzed from the verses of the Holy Qur'an and its Interpretations, texts of the Prophetic Hadiths and their commentaries. The results of the study showed that: Science and technology are among the matters of the world in which has been given the right to choose from taking and leaving, and that there isn't any specific rule for its prohibition or disapproval in Islam, but rather made learning it a sufficient obligation. Knowledge related to creation sciences including technology is a reason for fear of Allah and effective in spreading Islamic Da'wah. And throughout history, Muslims have made significant contributions to the empirical and creative sciences and have made many inventions in it.

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