Exploring the Causes of High Performing and Low Performing Public Sector Secondary Schools: A Case Study

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Majida Khatoon, Dr. Abid Hussain


The aim of this study was to explore the causes of high performing and low performing secondary schools of the public sector. It was qualitative research. Data were collected from three administrative officials (i.e. 1 DPI (SE), 1 CEO Lahore, and 1 DEO (SE)) using purposive sampling technique. A semi structured interview protocol was developed for DPI (SE), CEO, and DEO (SE) to collect their opinions regarding school performance. Thematic analysis of the qualitative data was done with the help of NVIVO software. The result of the present research showed that the causes which affect the institutional performance are qualified and professional officers, strong monitoring system, vision of policy makers, admin officers, curriculum, delivery of curriculum, quality of school culture, school leadership, vision and mission of school leadership, leadership practices, provision of human resources, provision of physical resources, school and community relations.  The recommendations were also presented.

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