MIMO System Performance Analysis Using Higher Modulation Order

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Nihal Mohammad, Mr. Sabir Ali, Dr. Sunita Chaudhary


The increased competition for digital systems and the development of Internet-related material in practical environments has sparked interest in high-speed technologies. Multiple transmit and receive antennas are used to create multiple input multiple output (MIMO) channels to accomplish these objectives. MIMO systems significantly increase system capacity by manipulating the spatial dimension via spatial multiplexing, reliability through diversity and reduction of interference in multiple users. Massive MIMO becomes a main fifth generation (5G) mobile communications technology that will enhance huge performance like higher data rates , higher reliability, lower latency and more channel capabilities MIMO diversity systems are mixed with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) to create MIMO-OFDM systems for  further increase the device efficiency and protect toward fading. Diversity is a multipath-fading strategy used to counter it.  Space Diversity method employing various number of antenna are used at transmitter and receiver side.

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