Prediction of Volleyball Playing Ability from Selected Fundamental Skill Performances and Anthropometric Measurements of Volleyball Players

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G. Thangavel, Dr. P. Kulothungan


            The intension of this study is the prediction of volleyball playing ability from selected fundamental skill performances and anthropometric measurements of volleyball players. To attain this aim, the investigator selected one hundred and ninety two male, inter-collegiate level Anna university volleyball players as subjects. Random group design was used for this investigation, as it is considered most suitable. The age of the selected subjects ranged from eighteen to twenty five years. In this study one criterion (volleyball playing ability) and eight determinant variables are included. Pearson product moment correlation was utilized to verify the association between criterion (volleyball playing ability) and determinant variables. The relationship between criterion and determinant variables as well as inter-correlations among determinant variables was calculated by using Pearson product-moment correlation formula. To test the hypothesis, 0.05 level of confidence was fixed. The selected fundamental skill performance and anthropometric measurements such as leg length, spiking ability, passing ability and thigh girth, of the volleyball players were highly correlated with playing ability of inter-collegiate level in Anna university volleyball players.

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